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4.7 (23 reviews)
St. Georg in Weggenstein

South Tyrol Archeological Museum

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4.7 (23 reviews)
Der Friedhof von Gries

METS - Museo etnografico trentino San Michele

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4.7 (23 reviews)
Madonnafigur - Grieser Platz

METS - Museo etnografico trentino San Michele

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4.7 (23 reviews)
Portici di Bolzano



Explore museums and cultural sights

Discover the stories behind local historical landmarks with insights from cultural experts and immerse yourself in curated tales.

Personalized guides

Guides tailored to your language, knowledge level, visit duration, and mood enhance your overall museum experience.

User-Friendly Accessibility

Quick and easy usage without the need for app downloads ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for visitors.

AI-Enhanced Audio Quality

Consistently high-quality audio is achieved through our AI filter, delivering studio-grade sound directly from your smartphone. Reduced background noise ensures an optimal listening experience.

Offline Capability

Enjoy the flexibility of offline usage, allowing visitors to explore exhibits without relying on constant internet connectivity.

Standardized Navigation

Streamlined navigation through museums is facilitated by standardized visual cues, including images and arrows, ensuring a smooth and intuitive exploration.

Transcript Availability

Read transcripts for an alternative and complementary experience, catering to those who prefer to absorb information through reading.

Chapter Overview

Easily navigate through the audio guide with a chapter overview feature, enabling users to switch between individual chapters and track their progress within the tour.

Customized Recommendations

Discover a diverse range of audio tours effortlessly by utilizing our tour overview feature, leveraging #Hashtags to find and explore more tours based on specific interests.

Use your own device

Utilize your own phone for the audio guide, promoting convenience and familiarity for users who prefer using their personal devices.

Tell your stories

Choose the most innovative story telling app for museums and create content your visitors love

Cost-Effective Solution

Being a free audio guide platform, Storyblox provides a cost-effective solution for museums, allowing them to enhance the visitor experience without incurring additional expenses.

Risk-Free Experimentation

Museums can experiment with audio guides without financial risk, exploring the potential benefits and reception among visitors.

User-Friendly Creator Studio

Quick and easy implementation ensures that museums can seamlessly integrate the audio guide platform into their offerings without a steep learning curve.

Multilingual Support

The platform supports multi-language guides, enabling museums to cater to a diverse audience and reach international visitors effectively.

Inclusivity in Content

Storyblox facilitates inclusive content creation, with support for blind and deaf audiences as well as simple language options, ensuring accessibility for all.

Real-Time Content Updates

Immediate content updates allow museums to keep information current and relevant, adapting to changes in exhibits or events swiftly.

Co-Creation with Specialists and Community Involvement

Collaborative content creation with specialists enhances the attractiveness of exhibitions, bringing diverse expertise into the narrative.

Expert Support and Community Involvement

Storyblox involves the community in a collaborative process, engaging with specialists and the wider audience to unlock art and history through shared research.

Increased Museum Visibility

Museums gain increased visibility as their content becomes discoverable on the Storyblox platform, attracting potential visitors.

Content Utilization for Marketing

Utilize audio guide content for social media and marketing purposes, enabling visitors to share and recommend tours, thereby expanding the museum's reach.

No Special Equipment Required

Storyblox eliminates the need for museums to invest in special equipment, leveraging visitors' own smartphones for the audio guide experience.

Visitor Feedback Mechanism

Gather valuable feedback from visitors, understanding their preferences and obtaining insights into their interests.

Website Integration

Easily integrate the audio guide into museum websites and newsletters through linking or embedding, ensuring accessibility and visibility.

Monetization Opportunities

Museums can generate revenue by offering audioguides, providing an additional source of income.

Content Control and Distribution

Museums retain full control over the content while having the flexibility to decide on guide distribution, respecting the museum's autonomy in the approval process.

Security and Data Privacy

Emphasize the importance of data security and privacy features, assuring museums that visitor information and content remain confidential and comply with relevant regulations.

Technical Support and Training

Ensure that Storyblox provides robust technical support and training resources to assist museums in implementing and maintaining the audio guide platform effectively.

Publish your story

Share your knowledge, join our community and benefit

Monetize Your Expertise

Earn money from your knowledge and passion for art and culture by creating engaging audio guides on the Storyblox platform.

No Special Equipment Required

Eliminate the need for specialized equipment, allowing creators to focus on content creation using readily available tools.

Share Cultural Knowledge

Contribute to the dissemination of cultural knowledge by sharing insights, anecdotes, and interpretations, fostering a deeper appreciation for art and culture.

Iterative Improvement Through Feedback

Receive direct feedback from visitors, enabling creators to iteratively improve their content and tailor it to the preferences and interests of their audience.

Increase Visibility of Associations

Enhance the visibility of cultural or art associations by showcasing their expertise and contributions through the Storyblox platform.

Mediation Improvement for Underserved Groups

Improve mediation efforts, particularly for underserved groups such as children and teens, by creating content that caters specifically to their needs and interests.

Transparency in Earnings and Ratings

Utilize the Storyblox dashboard for complete transparency, enabling creators to monitor earnings, ratings, and other key metrics in real-time. This transparency allows creators to assess their impact and build a solid reputation through clear evaluation of their work.

Collaborative Opportunities

Explore collaborative opportunities with other creators, institutions, or organizations within the Storyblox community to enrich content and foster a sense of community.

Educational Partnerships

Investigate the potential for partnerships with educational institutions, using the platform as a supplementary educational resource for students studying art and culture.